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Sicilian HELLRAIDERS started skimming local pubs around 2013 with the aim to spread their dirty punkish Heavy Rock everywhere it was possible to ! After years of intense hardworking rehearsals (possibly coupled with intense drinking sessions), the band delivered in 2016 its first release, called "Beat To Death", already showing a great potential when it comes to make people partying & headbanging fuckin' HARD ! 6 songs, forged in the old-school heavy-metal style that could be compared to a mix of Acid, Raven, Tank... on SPEED ! - with at times a strong rock'n'roll touch à la Motörhead/Girlschool or still Wendy O'Williams if you refer to the "Kommander Of Kaos" album ! You got the picture ? High-fueled energetic heavy-metal rock'n'roll !

Now 4 years later, HELLRAIDERS are back with their debut album called "Fighting Hard" to be released on INFERNO Records on March 30th, 2020 and available on CD, Cassette and digital ! The band gained in maturity, affirming an even more personal style ! We have no doubt that if you like the aforementioned bands, you'll definitely add this band to your discography ! 

"Fighting Hard" contains 11 songs - including a GIRLSCHOOL cover and you'll be also blown away by the brilliant artwork done by Stan-W Decker, who is known for amazing artworks for bands like Megadeth, Ross The Boss, Stryper, Adx, Jorn, Vanden Plas to name a few !

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