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Well.. as if 2020 was not shitty enough.. time has come for me to announce that INFERNO Records won't be active for a while, although no time limit is set, it'll last at least one year... 
So 2021 won't see any new releases or activity from our side.. 

A break is necessary and it'll last the time it takes.. 
INFERNO Records was a longtime project of mine, I'm happy i could do it, realise how much work such an adventure takes.. to this day, I can say I'm PLEASED with the work done... 
14 years, more than 50 releases from bands from all over the world... I was lucky enough to meet fantastic people (quite a few assholes too ! That's also part of the reality !),  to work with, to create strong friendships with, also to help some bands to play live or tour, or just helping with the promotion.. 14 BUSY years !! 
Today.. I need a BREAK from all this "business".. I can't - physically, emotionally, mentally - go on like this.. I need to slow down, more than once i was close to face "burn-out" situations, 
I need to take care of my health and concentrate on more personal things of my life.. even if I can annouce a small "music-related" project is in mind.. but nothing that takes so much energy or time. .
I'd like to thank you all.. bands, labels, promoters, webzines, magazines, heavy-metal maniacs.. for the GREAT support and collaboration during these 14 years ! 
You know who you are, I know who you are ! WITHOUT YOU,  N O T H I N G  would have been possible ! THANKS ALOT !! 
See you .. later or never - only time will tell !
Fabien / INFERNO Records
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