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Release date is set for Feb 20th,  2017 !
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SLEAZER (Ita) "Fall Into Disgrace" CD 2017

EUR 11.99

JENNER (Ser) "To Live Is to Suffer" CD 2017

EUR 11.99


Fabien is the "big-boss" of INFERNO Records. His passion for HEAVY-METAL music lasts since 1982 when for the first time he discovered THE album that would change his life at the age of 13 - that album is nothing less than "The Number Of The Beast" from IRON MAIDEN ! Since that day, it was clear his life would be HEAVY fuckin' METAL !
Having a real record-label to run was one of his longtime projects and for some reasons, it was not possible to start one until 2006 when he met Bea who was a precious help to make this dream come true : a real Heavy-Metal Label made by Heavy-Metal fans FOR Heavy-Metal fans !

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