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We DON'T send regular CD versions for Promotional use... We only work with electonic/digital press-kits.
If you want to get them for your website/magazine/radio, please read the conditions that follow :
- You need to be working for a serious ongoing publication (fanzine, magazine, webzine, radio) which shows integrity, commitment, and substantial fanbase relevant to our releases.
- You need to contact us from an official domain-based e-mail. For instance if your magazine/webzine's website is, your e-mail should be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if not possible, your name should be specified somewhere in the website as contributor... we'll always contact the website directly for confirmation. If you're running a fanzine/magazine and have no website, please send us PROOF of your existence...
- We will only ship to an official mailing address published on the publication's website.
- We reserve the right to deny any request at our discretion.
- Promo-sending = reviews in your media or playlist from radio-shows. No review/playlist = no future promo-sendings.
If you disagree with the conditions, please ask another label. Arguing won't solve anything, you're just wasting our time and yours !


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