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Shipping rates are automatically calculated by the webshop.

Please - note we do NOT ship WORLDWIDE but in a large majority of European countries, North-America, Asia - if you don't find your country listed when ordering, get in touch.. Thank you !

They depend on the total weight of your order/on your location and are based on official French shipping rates (see here).

They can't be negotiated. You have the choice between 2 shipping rates :
Shipping is either with tracking number or registered from a certain weight.
No shipping without tracking number.

Here is a list of estimates based on the average weight for each format (including a bit more grams to include the weight of the PACKAGE), for your information :

LP / 10"MLP : 300 gr
Gatefold LP : 350 gr
DLP : 600 gr
T-shirt : 200 gr
Zine : 200 gr
CD : 120 gr
DVD : 180 gr
7"EP : 100 gr
Tape : 70 gr
Button / Sticker / Patch : 50 gr


It depends on the country to ship to. You must allow us a 48h delay to process your order, knowing we send packages twice a week.

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